Arbovirus; Flaviviridae virus family. No vaccine or curative treatment currently exists, only treatment of symptoms is provided. The diagnosis must be done in the first week after the onset of symptoms.

  • Rapid and direct qualitative screening of the Zika virus RNA in the early stages of the disease.
  • Convenient and ready to use reagents: One reaction in one single tube.
  • Extraction and amplification controls provided within the kit.
  • The detection of the amplified fragment is performed by a fluorometer using FAM and Cy5 Channels.
  • Analytical sensitivity: 30 Copies of ARN/μl.
  • Linearity for quantification: 30 to 109 copies/μl.
  • Kit can be used on different platforms ABI Systems, SmartCycler II, LightCycler 480, RotorGene etc.